Do you steal artwork?

My Answer is no!, i just want to make a vector style / Higher quality.

Do you have a plan to upload your works? [eg: Deviantart, artstation etc.]

No. if you found any on the following site that wasn't me.

Can i request a anime art / tracing / graphic design or anything?

No. I don't have a time for that, i just doing this when i got bored.

Why some of your works are girls?

I don't know why.

Did you sell your Artworks?


What is the purpose of this website?

Nothing, this website is self purpose only. nothing's important.

What software / tool used?

Photoshop, Illlustrator, Notepad++, Sublime Text 3

I have a questions or suggestions, how do i contact?

by clicking HERE! , I do not entertain any questions mention above.